• Jessie Hebert

Challenging Cognitive Distortions

When you have thoughts which distort reality, it can take a toll on your mental health. By questioning these ways of thinking and decreasing their significance, we can force rational thinking into habit.

Whenever you have an irrational thought, you can ask these questions to help eliminate them:

1. How do I know this thought is accurate?

2. What evidence do I have to support this thought?

3. How can I test my assumption/belief to find out if it's accurate?

4. Is this thought helpful?

5. Are there any other ways that I can think about this situation?

6. Am I blaming myself unnecessarily?

7. Is this situation really in my control?

8. Am I overgeneralizing?

9. Am I making unfounded assumptions?

10. What would I say to a friend in this situation?

11. What are some possibilities other than the ones I am thinking about?

12. Am I assuming the worst?

13. Are there any exceptions to these absolutes?

14. Am I making this personal when it shouldn't be?

You don't have to feel hopeful about the future, it's enough to just be curious about what is coming.


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