• Jessie Hebert

Reset Your Day with Microbreaks

Studies have shown that taking small breaks, or microbreaks, throughout the day is more beneficial to your mental and physical health than taking one long break. Here are some ideas for different types microbreaks that you should implement into your work day every 30-60 minutes along with your usual physical activity.

1. Climb stairs for one minute. Getting your heart rate slightly higher than it usually is can give you the boost of energy that you need to get through the day.

2. Do some active stretching. Instead of holding your stretches in one position, move lightly into and out of each stretch position to get more energy from your stretches. If you don't know how to actively stretch, I recommend looking up a video to guide you.

3. Stand up and walk around when you take phone calls if possible. This is an easy way to take microbreaks without having to adjust your day too much.

4. Set up your printer (or other machines that you use often) outside of your office to make yourself get up to use it. This is another way to implement microbreaks into activities that you already take part in.

5. Close your eyes, reopen them, then focus them on something far away. Move your eyes up and down, and side to side without moving your head.

Find joy in the process, and the results will come far more easily than expected.

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