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While the world can throw some terrible things towards you, know that you don't need to catch them all yourself. At Healthy Mind Healthy Heart, you can find support and resources to guide you along your journey of healing, supporting others, or getting involved in mental health promotion.

Rock Balancing

Jessie Hebert



Struggles with mental health are all too prevalent, and finding reliable mental health resources and support can be difficult among the vast information available online. After losing both my friend and my father to suicide, I realized how severe these problems are. To help, I've created this website to provide access to support, resources and ways to get involved in mental health initiatives. At Healthy Mind Healthy Heart, our goal is to create a safer, healthier and happier world. 



Find crisis and emergency support centres, professional counselling/therapy, and resources to learn more about mental health issues.

Beach at Sunset


This page offers evidence-based mindfulness and mental wellness tips. On each post, you can share your stories, experiences and opinions.


Get Involved and Donate

Find ways to get involved in mental health promotion, including organizations to donate to and to volunteer with.

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Feel free to reach out to me personally using this form.

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1. The world is a happier and brighter place with you in it.

2. Healing isn't linear.

3. You don't have to suffer alone. Telling someone and seeking help is brave and strong.

4. You are loved. Don't give up your fight.

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