• Jessie Hebert

Breaking Bad Habits

While some habits are positive, the majority contribute to negative actions and feelings. By following the steps below, you can break some of your negative habits to lead a more positive and controlled life.

1. Reasoning

Having a strong reason to why you want to stop doing something, you will create pathways in your brain that label the action as negative, which will actually help turn you off from the activity. Knowing why you want to do something gives a new perspective to your plan and allows you to keep going forward.

2. Triggers

Sometimes it's not the habit that you need to turn all your focus to. The things that strike the bad habit is what you should pay attention to. By removing these triggers which initiate your habit, you won't have cravings quite as strong.

3. Desperation

By asking ourselves what we are doing and what we are achieving with our bad habits, we can start the thought processes which will cause a change in direction. Instead of giving up hope and resorting to your habits, try to fight the auto-pilot mode which dictates most of your life and start thinking about what you are doing.

4. Inspiration

Sometimes we need to be pushed into the right direction by being inspired to change. As we move into this right direction, we outgrow our old selves and gain new perspectives. By embracing this new perspective caused by inspiration, it will be easier to leave our habits behind.

5. Acting

In order to transition into a new perspective, you should act like a person who has already broken your habit. For example, if you are trying to move from being a smoker to a non-smoker, you should act like how a non-smoker should act.

6. Don't Force It

Lastly, do not force this process on yourself or others. You can only decide on your own life, so try to make the process of breaking habits enjoyable for everybody.

You've made it through before, and you'll make it through again.


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