• Jessie Hebert

Eliminate Irrational Fears

Updated: May 8, 2019

This post provides solutions and advice for eliminating irrational fears. Here we will teach you to replace anxiety with positivity.

Causes of Irrational Fears

1. Fear of Failure

Failing describes an event in which things don't go our way. Failure describes an event in which you were too scared to try to succeed, so you didn't accomplish the feat. Both failing and failure are not descriptions of a person, but rather descriptions of an event. Just because you have experienced failing does not mean that you are a failure!

2. Worrying What People Think

When you worry about what others may think of you, you hold yourself back from achieving your goals and following your passions. If we break the habit of self-consciousness, we could fly past our goals at record speed.

3. Fear of the Future

The time we spend worrying about what might happen in the future could be used to actually improve what is happening right now. Live in the now and be present with your thoughts to live your best life.

4. Not Doing it Because it's not Perfect

Perfectionism holds us back from achievements because we're scared that our project won't be worth it if it isn't absolutely perfect. In reality, nothing that you work towards is worthless since everything is a learning opportunity for yourself and others.

5. Fear of the Unknown

If we are scared of things that we aren't familiar with, we would never have new experiences in life. Allow yourself to try things and decide from experience whether or not you are passionate about it.

6. Ruminating About the Past

The time we spend reminiscing the past could be used to create a brighter present and future.

Facing Fears

1. Take Action

Without focusing too much on the future or the past, bring your mind to the present and do whatever it is that you've been longing to do.

2. Follow Your Instinct Within Reason

Use mindfulness to stay in the moment and consider the options available that are desirable to you. Then, choose an option and think about your actions before pursuing them.

3. Imperfect Action is Better than No Action

Remember that it is better to share your ideas that may not be perfect yet with the world than to share nothing at all. The world needs your wisdom.

4. Have Gratitude

To counteract the fears that you feel, go through all of the things that you have done and that you are thankful for doing to allow yourself to feel joy and to remind yourself that you know what's best for you.

5. Show Kindness Towards your Fear

Don't immediately reject your feelings of fear, but rather show kindness to them and recognize that it is normal to have those feelings. Once you have accepted them, you can replace them with positivity.

6. Introduce Other Options for your Worries

Instead of repeating the same thoughts and fears in your head over and over, introduce other scenarios that could more likely be true than the ones you are stuck on. Even if you don't believe it right now, this process will train your brain to think of the rational thoughts before the irrational ones.

You can do it, we believe in you.


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