• Jessie Hebert

Natural and Healthy Ways of Coping

There are many natural methods of coping that are very effective, so it's important to focus on these types of coping instead of unhealthy tendencies. Try to focus on the following healthy coping methods if you find that you often resort to unhealthy strategies.

Changing the Body's Stress Response

One effective type of coping mechanisms is to change the state your body is in. These are usually most effective in scenarios in which you need to stay calm or when your functioning depends on you being relaxed.

1. Eating a snack helps relieve panic/distress since it disturbs your body's stress response.

2. Meditating, relaxation and massage all help calm the body down during stress.

3. Exercise helps change negative emotions since it can cause you to unconsciously re-attribute your body's hyper-excited state to the exercise instead of the stressor.

Problem-Focused Coping

When you have control over a situation and can resolve a problem easily, it is usually most effective to deal with the problem head-on.

1. Change your behaviour and take action to solve the problem you are faced with.

2. Acquiring information about the stressors or problems can help you become at peace with them.

Emotion-Focused Coping

In situations in which you have little or no control, or when you can't immediately solve a problem, it is usually best to tend to your negative emotions.

1. Thinking about a problem differently and more positively can help you look on the bright side of things and can support coping. For example, try viewing setbacks as learning experiences or opportunities to try something new.

2. Comparing yourself to others who are less fortunate can help you maintain gratitude and positive emotions.

3. Giving to others and supporting others can increase your own happiness and is a good way to take your mind off of negative emotions.

4. Social support is always helpful when you are dealing with stress.

Happiness is not the absence of problems, it's the ability to cope with them.

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