• Jessie Hebert

Practicing Gratitude

Not only does practicing gratitude make you a happier and humbler person, but it also has a lot of health benefits that you wouldn’t necessarily expect. By simply giving thanks, you can drastically reduce the production of stress hormones, improve your sleep, decrease blood pressure and heart rate, improves breathing, increase your ability to fight disease, and overall decrease your stress and resentment. Here are some gratitude techniques that you can practice every day.

1. The GLAD Technique

Grateful: List one thing that you are grateful for that is relevant to your experiences today.

Learned: List one thing that you learned today. This could be a fact, a skill, or something you discovered about yourself or a friend.

Accomplished: List one accomplishment that you had today, no matter the magnitude.

Delight: List one thing that touched your heart today and brought you joy.

2. Switching a Negative to a Positive

List all of the things that disappointed you today. Next, go through the list and describe which privileges you had to have gotten the opportunity in the first place. Come up with lessons that you learned from the experience and all of the good things that had to happen before the disappointment did.

Choose to see what's there, not what isn't.


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