• Jessie Hebert

How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

When you are overwhelmed, it can be extremely hard to focus on important tasks. This can be very disruptive to your daily life, and can get in the way of your regular activities. Below, you will find some strategies to shift your focus on something more concise.

1. STOP Technique

Stop; pause what you're doing.

Take a slow, deep breath.

Observe your thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations.

Proceed with a focus on only one thing.

2. Analyzing Focus

Establish what your current focuses are and determine why you are focused on them. Determine whether it is relevant right now, whether it needs to be done for an upcoming deadline, and whether there is something that is more important or relevant. Rank these focuses in order of most relevance to least relevance, and complete the tasks according to that list.

3. Designate Time to Think

By designating a time period every day to think about ruminating thoughts, you an use the rest of your time much more effectively. This will improve how efficiently and effectively you process your thoughts, and improve focus during important tasks.

The best way out is always through.

One of the main causes of overwhelm is simply having too many responsibilities in a short time period. By learning to turn down tasks that are not as important as the ones currently at hand, you can decrease your overwhelm and improve focus.


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