• Jessie Hebert

Mastering Time Management

The secret to productivity and success is managing your time efficiently. Using these tips, you can learn how to prioritize and get everything done effectively and on time.

1. Declutter

Organize your work space by decluttering your desk, your email inbox and your office. This will allow you to focus on your tasks instead of focusing on your clutter, as well as allow you to finish projects quicker without having to find your resources and supplies in a mess.

2. Plan

Plan out your work day and stick to it. This can be in the form of a to-do list, a calendar or a daily schedule. Check off tasks as you accomplish them.

3. Prioritize

Rank your tasks in terms of priority based on their alignment with your job demands and your goals.

4. Focus

Focus on the vital few rather than the less vital many. Instead of trying to fit too many things in and doing them poorly, focus on the most important ones and take your time to do them effectively.

5. Finish the Job

When you start a task, dedicate your time to complete it without starting a new one.

6. Go According to Plan

Instead of procrastinating and checking off the easy items off your to-do list first, complete your tasks according to the list whether they are difficult or effortless.

7. Stay Organized

Once you organize your life, keep it organized. Stick to the methods that work for you to stay on track.

Don't stop moving forward.


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